How to craft a memorable employer brand

How to train and onboard more effectively

How to streamline communication and spark change

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How to attract top and motivated talent

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Your Host: Jordan Hagan

Jordan Hagan is an American Video Strategist and manages the StoryMe Video Strategy Education program. She loves helping companies win with video!

45 Minute Webinar ⏰

Develop your video knowledge further by asking Jordan & Brieuc any questions you might have after the webinar!

Learn how to make an lasting impact on your HR department with video!

15 min Q&A Session with our
Video Marketer Brieuc ⏰

Walk away with these great insights:

HR departments are starting to realize the powerful ways video improves recruiting, onboarding and communication processes! By joining the webinar, you'll learn exacty how video can solve HR's biggest challenges:

Walk away with insights on how to:

  1. Help promote your company's mission and values with strong employer branding video. This can include Employee Generated Content (EGC), day in the life video, new employee spotlight videos, and more!
  2. Incorporate video into your overall recruitment efforts such as video ad targeting, success cases, and video interviews. Also, learn how to leverage different video platforms to make recruiting more human!
  3. Use video to onboard and train new talent in order to streamline and personalize the onboarding process. This might look like personalized video, mini-courses, interactivity, and more!
  4. Keep your organization on the same page by streamlining communication for better efficiency and connection. Video can help spark change when necessary as well.

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