How Marketing teams are seeing campaign ROI rates increase by 135%

How to attract more candidates and strengthen employer branding

How to increase customer retention by 35% and close more late-stage deals

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Your Host: Jordan Hagan

Jordan Hagan is an American Video Strategist and manages the StoryMe Video Strategy Education program. She loves helping companies win with video!

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Of all the emerging video trends out there, Personalized Video is one you shouldn’t ignore as a business! Jordan will share valuable video insights with you as well as compelling company cases you can draw inspiration from. When you join us on November 15th, Jordan will equip you with the knowledge you need to make a difference in your department with Personalized Video!

Gain insights on how:

  1. HR teams can step up their recruitment efforts to attract more candidates and the right kind of candidates, all while strengthening their employer branding.

  2. Marketing teams have created more relevant and engaging campaigns thanks to personalized video, seeing proven results such as an increase in campaign ROI by 135%.

  3. Sales teams are using personalized video content in their customer outreach which has increased customer retention by 35% and more closed late-stage deals.