Video Trends 2019

How to Personalize the digital experience with Video.

Social video is rising: What marketers need to know.

How to drive action with video in 2019.

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How brands are shifting towards long form content.

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Your Host: Jordan Hagan

Jordan Hagan is an American Video Strategist who manages the StoryMe Video Strategy Education program. She loves helping companies win with video!

45 Minute Webinar ⏰

With the latest trends and possibilities for business video as a starting point, you'll learn which video content will work best in 2019!

Develop your video knowledge further by asking our strategists any questions you might have after the webinar!

15 min Q&A with Jordan &
Video Strategist Arthur ⏰

Walk away with cutting-edge video insights to win with video in 2019!

An overview of the topics she'll cover:

  1. How to personalize the complete digital experience consumers have
  2. What you can expect from Dynamic Video Advertising and why you need it
  3. How to drive action in B2B and B2C with new video types
  4. What's new in the Social Media Video universe
  5. Which types of long-form content are on the rise, such as: 
  • Educational videos
  • Documentary style content
  • Culture videos

The future’s looking brighter than ever for Video Marketing! We've summarized the most important Video Marketing trends for 2019 and beyond in this year's interactive ebook and a Video Trends webinar.

In this webinar, Jordan will help take your video strategy to the next level with practical tips and the examples you need to create a kick-ass video plan for 2019

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