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The Birth of The Explainer Video

It all began with the booming beginning of business video in the mid-2000’s. Did you ever hear about Dropbox’s animated explainer video? Although simple in its animation and design, this animated explainer video was the first of its kind and it helped the company increase to an incredible 10 million users overnight. A handful of companies took the chance and included explainer animation in their online brand strategies, and ever since, the mega-potential for companies became crystal clear! The term ‘explainer video’ was coined in 2009 and the internet hasn’t looked back since.

Don’t Put Explainers in a Box.

Explainer videos have evolved to include almost every kind of animation you can imagine. What they all have in common is that they are videos visually compelling enough to make a topic more approachable and most importantly, easier to understand. Let’s look at two main types of explainer video and what the benefits are for choosing both, or a combination of both if you want to get crazy creative!

Live Explainer Video

Something that’s become more popular lately is live explainer video. It’s the real deal, allowing you to humanize whichever story you have to tell or sell. Because live video is naturally engaging, it helps you get up close and personal with your viewers of passion, resilience, humor, authenticity, and anything else you can imagine! 

Benefits of Live Explainer Videos:

  • With a slick brand story and feel, some products or services also deserve to be shown in all their awesomeness.
  • Have features so fancy they deserve a close-up? Want to show off how sleek and sexy your product is?
  • Live explainer video is perfect to immerse your audience with impressive design, brand ethos, and to communicate ease of use.

Types of Live Explainer Videos:

  • Product promos
  • Office tours
  • Events
  • USP highlights
  • Job function videos
  • Product marketing tutorials
  • Employee orientation 
  • Testimonials or case studies
  • Branding video

Animated Video Explainers

We’re pretty sure you're familiar with classic animated video explainers! Chances are, you’ve seen one zoom across your phone screen or TV. This medium is pretty mesmerizing because it’s accessible and entertaining information packaged nicely and neatly. Could it be that subconsciously it reminds us of our love for cartoons like when we were kids? Just saying! With animation, creating a brand identity with color, characters, and logos is perfectly possible.

Benefits of Animated Video Explainers:

  • Intangible products and services are ideal for animated worlds because there's no limit as to how far you can go or how creative you can get with your storyboards. 
  • What would normally break the bank in a live production is actually completely possible with animation. 
  • Do you want dancing chips or flying unicorns? You can add whatever fun and flavor to your storyboard and go back and edit with ease.

Types of Animated Explainer Video:

  • 2D Character Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos
  • 3D Animation
  • Live Action
  • Kinetic Typography Animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Cutout Animation
  • Traditional Animation (2D, Cel, Hand Drawn)
  • 3D Animation (CGI, Computer Animation)
  • Motion Graphics (Typography, Animated Logos)

The world isn't always black and white, and sometimes you need a little bit of live and animation to achieve your big video aspirations and drive your message home. By choosing a mix of live and animation, you can see the following advantages:

  • Add a dynamic touch with contrast to your visuals
  • Merge the conceptual and realistic to bring your video to life
  • Stand out and avoid creative fatigue in your branding

Explainer Video Production from A-Z!

Now you know what an explainer video is, but how can you set out to create your own? Follow these general steps whether you plan to execute your own explainer video production or not!

Depending on the company, these are the general steps to explainer video production:

Creative Brief

A creative team of art directors, project managers, script writers and illustrators join forces in a brainstorm to strategize and build a unique story for your brand and your brand’s business objectives.


This next step in explainer video production shouldn’t be overlooked! A succinct and catchy script is key to catching your viewer’s attention and driving action. A stunning script means taking into account tone, voice, style, story type, and a solid CTA!

Video Storyboard

Once the script is written, it’s time to visualize the concept in the form of a storyboard! It’s a rough sketch of how your video vision will play out, shot by shot. When it comes time to shoot the video, the storyboard will help save time and money as you have to consider each step of the video. 

Video Production

At StoryMe, our team of creatives includes copywriters, illustrators, art directors, motion designers and more who all get to work to take your story from explainer video concept to creation!

Video Distribution

A savvy video company will guide you through the process of setting goals and creating a fool-proof Video Strategy Plan for distribution. That means pushing your video to the right people on the right platforms to see maximum results and ROI.

An International Explainer Video Company

We’ll cut to the chase. As a video company with years of explainer video production experience under our belt, we know how businesses of all sizes can benefit from visual content that represents their brand, their products, their services, and their people in style! We’ve worked with top-tier clients like Microsoft, Uber, Lay’s and who have seen major Video Marketing results. 

As for our team, we have our video roots in animated explainer video, but we also have video experts who specialize in live explainer video production. Basically, any Video Marketing product or service you can imagine, we can execute across multiple channels and sprinkle Video Strategy all over it! Our experts are all about implementing the best video distribution and video strategy out there

Curious what we can do for you? We have offices in Britain, Belgium, and Bulgaria with people ready to chat video! Reach out! 

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