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Want to boost your awareness, leads, sales or brand loyalty? Turning your target audience into customers is all about speaking to them with the right message at the right digital touch points. 🎯
Scroll on to find out which video strategy works best at each stage of the funnel!



First things first: people need to know about your brand’s existence and business. At this point, your goal should be to show your potential customers who you are and how you might be able to provide something they’ve been looking for. To reach this goal, think about creating short and easy to understand content that will speak to your audience. 

Video Examples


This video by Philips is snackable, light and grabs the attention from the get-go. That's why it's perfect to use on social media to generate more awareness! 


Create a video that answers a common question. Your audience can be driven to this content type via SEO, your website or social channels.


Show your brand in an eye-catching video that oozes your brand identity. Captivate your audience with beautiful visuals or compelling storytelling.


Explain who you are by showing what you do and what your company can mean to others. Company explainers should be clear & easy to consume.

Awareness Video Tips & Tricks

  • Choose a high-level topic with mass appeal 
  • Clarify how you can help your audience 
  • Show them who you are as a company/brand
  • Keep your content short and sweet 
  • Video view count is the most important metric at this stage - you're aiming for maximum exposure.


At this stage, your prospects know who you are, but they're still learning more about your product or service and determining if you're right for them. That's why the consideration phase is all about using video to gain trust, stand out and prove the value of your product or service.

Video Examples


Testimonials have a natural brand-boosting effect. They help you add a genuine appeal that'll help gain credibility and trust.


More and more companies are using case videos as proof of concept

It allows you to highlight your USPs and the added value for customers.


Make sure your audience knows everything there is to know about your product or service. Video allows you to share all the information in little time.


Interactive video is king when it comes to standing out from your competition. It's perfect to engage your audience and increase click-through

Consideration Video Tips & Tricks

  • The consideration phase is all about becoming a trustworthy brand. 
  • Highlight the Unique Selling Propositions of your product. 
  • Guide your prospects to the right landing page with call-to-actions.
  • Time spent watching is the most important metric - it shows how engaged your audience is.

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Video has been proven to help convert leads into customers, many times. But how, exactly? In the decision stage, a great video strategy works on humanizing your brand and the connection with your prospects. They already know what your company is and what it does - now it's time to add some authenticity. Another important strategy is giving added value to your audience, like with a webinar or by giving some free tips & tricks in a soapbox. 

Video Examples


Email signatures are a great way to humanize the connection between 

a brand and its prospects - and 

they're fun!


To drive your audience to purchase, get rid of any doubts they might have by showing how to use your product or service in a simple & clear way. We love this example from Walter Wallet! 


Webinars project your company as a true thought leader. The huge added value you're giving your audience will convince them to choose you over others.


Soapbox allows you to further establish the connection with your prospect. Use it to show them something about your product, along with a personal message.

Decision Stage Tips & Tricks

  • Think about the questions your audience might have: 
    - Is this product/service good value for money?
    - What's the quality of this product/service?
    - How are other people using it & benefiting from it? 
  • Testimonials work great at the decision stage, too!
  • Conversion rate is the most important metric, which is correlated
    o the click-through rate from your video to the conversion location.


Remember: it costs 8x more to obtain a new customer than to keep an existing one! So don't just disappear as soon as your customer has converted. Video allows you to stay top of mind and continue giving added value at later touch points. 

Video Examples


Give advice on how users can make the most of your product or service with interesting tips & tricks like Airbnb does in this example.


Your customers will search for detailed information about your product or service, either on your website or via search engines. Videos like this one from Extremis give them an easy answer


The last thing you want is for a customer to get frustrated! Make sure they find their way easily by walking them through the ins and outs of your service.


Personalized video increases your customer retention by 35%! You can use it to give added value like in this video, or to increase brand affinity (think birthday messages, personal advice,...)

Delight Stage Tips & Tricks

  • The delight phase is also the perfect moment to use video in e-mail.
  • The first point of contact once someone becomes a customer is super important! Make sure you give them the warmest welcome
  • Send your customers a video to thank them for their brand loyalty.
  • Make a video with your (support) team to show customers who's there for them if they need help or have questions.

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Disclosure: The videos of Philips (product teaser), Walter Wallet, Airbnb, Soapbox and Extremis were not made by StoryMe. We just think they're great examples you should see! 

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