Video Strategy Sprint

Our Video Strategy Sprint is a great way to activate you and your teamOur video strategists will not only teach you all about Video Marketing, they'll also co-create a customized video plan that tackles your company's needs. Scroll on to learn more!

The Video Strategy Sprint in 3 Phases

Let's start by gathering all the information we need to set the path for a perfect sprint. We'll go over your goals, target audience, branding and more to make sure we can deliver the best possible solutions for your challenges. 


1. Start your engines!


2. Accelerate

Using our unique & proven methodology, together we'll start co-creating your Strategic Video Plan. 

In your personalised Video Strategy Plan, you'll get a omplete breakdown of everything established during the Sprint, solidified and fine-tuned by our team of Video Strategy Experts. 


3. Lift off

What our Clients say about these Workshops

Other Happy Clients

"Wow! The result of the Video Sprint Workshop
was a fully customized recipe for Bayer's video success."

Wim Gerits

Head of Digital Innovation

"Buckle up for a fascinating trip in the world of video marketing: lots of tips & tricks and a creative approach, accompanied by a lot of StoryMe enthusiasm."

Bianca Devos

Chief Video Officer

Andy Lievens

Project Manager MarCom

"During the workshop we saw how important it is to make a plan before diving into video. The results were better and more cost-efficient."

Meet our Video Strategists

As a Video Strategist and Educator, Jordan's mission is to help companies win with video, and her favorite way to do that is no doubt through workshops. 


As a Distribution Expert, Sara makes sure that the right video is seen by the right people. Her goal? Maximizing the results of your video for every budget.  


As a Thought Leader and Video Strategist, Arthur activates you with smart Video Strategies and educates you on the latest trends in Videoland.


Ready to dive into Video with a hands-on Workshop?

1. Download our Strategy Sprint Guide to learn more

2. Talk to one of our Video Strategists to get started!

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