We push your Video to the right audience, at the right time and on all the right platforms. We'll optimize continuously to obtain the best possible results for your company, maximizing your ROI.

Video Distribution

Because what's the point of a good looking video if no one sees it?

1. What to expect from our Social Distribution

  • We plan & set up your campaigns on different channels
  • We optimize your campaigns on a daily basis
  • You'll receive bi-weekly reports of the performance
  • We'll adapt our video strategy pro-actively to get the best results


With 14,000 open vacancies for ICT developers, IT-company RealDolmen knew they needed a comprehensive distribution strategy to find the right profiles.

We targeted their recruitment videos to four different regions with a personal message in the ad copy as well as a personalized thumbnail. This approach proved successful and RealDolmen hired 200 Java developers after a three-month campaign.

2. What our Clients say about the Distribution Plan

Other Happy Clients

"By targeting our Facebook event for the World Cup qualifier of the Belgian Red Flames to the right persona, we hit a record in ticket sales!"

Brecht Schelstraete Content Manager

"StoryMe provided us with a powerful video and targeting on YouTube that enabled us to get our story in front of the right audiences."

Marie Laoureux

Marketing Project Officer

"The Facebook and Instagram campaigns were a big boost for the vacancy page visits. This was an ideal scenario during the most important recruiting months."

Jente De Temmerman
HR Marketeer

3. Trust these Strategists

As a Video Strategist and Educator, Jordan's mission is to help companies win with video, and her favorite way to do that is no doubt through workshops. 


As a Distribution Strategist, Michiel makes sure that the right video is seen by the right people. He also brings people together in a CVO Facebook Group to share their video wisdom.


As a Thought Leader and Video Strategist, Arthur activates you with smart Video Strategies and educates you on the latest trends in Videoland.


Ready to deliver kick-ass results with your Video?

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