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The 4 Most Used Video Tools

in Sales!

Video Marketing and Sales go hand in hand! But what about the most effective video tools that Sales experts use to grow their businesses? After years of helping Sales Managers reach their business goals, we know which video products work best and why! Scroll on to find out! 🚀

This is a no-brainer, but trust is super important in sales. A testimonial video allows someone else to do the talking, and by doing that, naturally increases credibility in your company. Testimonials also speak to your potential new customers in a relatable way all while giving them a glimpse and preview of your product or service.

This video shows one of the ways we use testimonials to gain credibility!

Gain clients' trust with a testimonial video



With over 140+ emails piling up in the professional's inbox every day, video email signatures are a great way to stand out! A big part of sales teams' efforts involves outbound forging genuine connections through email. When sales use video email signatures as a visual foot-in-the-door, it works wonders for building a strong client connection.


E-mail signatures to humanize client communication


Your sales teams have their areas of expertise, so let them do the talking and share their knowledge! Let's say your company has a YouTube channel or website blog - uploading video as a series of chalk talks or webinars could work wonders to position your sales power as thought leaders, while also adding value to your clients and potential clients! Get inspired by this coffee corner episode 🎥

Video blogs for thought leadership


Explainer videos in sales efforts work wonders in a million different ways! Whether it's live or animated video that your brand needs, a great explainer summarizes what your product or service is about, engages your prospects, and drives action for people who might've been unsure before...And who doesn't want that?

For UberEats we created a fun explainer to clarify the possibilities of their newest app.

Boosting sales with explainer videos


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