Personalized video: The next step for Marketing

We all know that online audiences are craving video, but now's the time for Marketeers to make their campaigns truly relevant for each individual viewer. With personalized video, you'll finally get the traffic, leads & conversion rates you've been dreaming of! 🚀

Personalized Video engages on a one to one level by personalizing the content a viewer sees. By using hyper targeted elements like names and locations, the video becomes more attractive and relevant to the viewer, which increases both the engagement and the conversion rates while reducing the cost per result! 

What is Personalized Video?

Grab the attention of your website visitors by creating a unique experience.

Get more traffic against a lower cost per click by showing relevant content.

Use hyper-personalized targeting to convert more followers using social advertising.

Encourage leads to take action by communicating to them on a personal level. 

Automatically deliver the right message to the right audience in a single campaign

The benefits of Personalized Video for Marketing






Get the best results out of your Video Marketing efforts with Personalized Video





Cost per Result




By integrating the prospect info from your CRM straight into video, you can include details such as name, tendencies, preferences, social profile pictures, location or weather. All these elements allow you to tailor your customer’s viewing experience per target segment or individual.

By using their prospect's location data, Porsche's latest Facebook campaign attracted thousands of people to their nearest Porsche centre for the Approved Occasion Weekend.

How does it work?

Personalized Video Types 

Dynamic Advertising

Customer Journey

Custom Video

Gain more value from your ad spend by targeting the right segment with personalized content that grabs their attention in no time.

Let your customers travel from awareness to loyalty faster by serving personal videos at critical moments, based on the data gathered during their journey.

Get even better results with (user-initiated) personal videos that are completely tailored to one individual instead of replacing only a few dynamic scenes.

To increase engagement and loyalty, the festival Mysteryland created an aftermovie like no other. By integrating data such as the viewer's namefavourite stages, music and the day they visited, Mysteryland was able to send each individual visitor a personalized aftermovie that was bound to get them excited for next year's edition!  

How Mysteryland increased loyalty 

& engagement with Personalized Video

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