Personalised Video: The next step for HR

We all know that online audiences are craving video, but now's the time for HR experts to leave generic messages behind and make their communication truly relevant for each candidate or employee. With personalised video, you'll finally get the employer branding and recruitment campaigns you’ve been dreaming of! 🚀

Personalized Video engages on a one to one level by personalizing the content a viewer sees. 

Both candidates and employees expect relevant and personalized communication from their employers, and that’s exactly why using hyper targeted elements has proved so effective for hiring new talents and retaining existing ones. 

What is Personalised Video?

How does it work?

By integrating CRM or LinkedIn data straight into video, you can include details such as name, tendencies, preferences, social profile pictures and location. All these elements allow you to tailor your viewer’s experience.

Sending a personalized welcome video as part of your onboarding process is a great way to start off on the right foot when a new talent comes in.

4 Ways to use Personalised Video for HR

Increase the click-through rate on your job ads by 164% (Storyteq).

Faster Recruitment
Attract more candidates by showing that you know and understand them.

Employer Branding
Personalized communication strengthens your employer branding. 

Ensure a great first impression with personalized video in your onboarding process.

Get the best results out of your HR efforts







How Brunel used one dynamic HR campaign
in four different industries

The Dutch HR company Brunel was looking for new ways to attract talents in different industries, but making unique job ads took a lot of time and didn't deliver the results they hoped for. That's why they started using website and Facebook data to deliver dynamic ads that adapted according to the location, type of job, industry and experience level potential candidates were looking for. The result? Many of those who didn't convert on Brunel's website, now converted after seeing the dynamic Facebook ad! 

Boost your HR campaigns with personalized video

Get ahead of your competitors and start seeing the results you've been dreaming of!