The 5 Most Used Video Tools

in Marketing!

Video and Marketing go hand in hand! But what about the most effective video tools that CMO's use to grow their businesses and bolster their content? After years of helping Marketing Managers reach their business goals, we know which video products work best and why! Scroll on to find out 🚀

This is a no-brainer, but good branding is a sign of successful marketing! A stellar client collaboration highlighted on camera is an invaluable (and super shareable) tool to have in your marketing arsenal! 

Testimonial videos naturally boost your brand by lending credibility. So, put your clients front and center, and let them do the talking about how great it was to work with your company. This video shows one of the ways we use testimonials to gain credibility! 

Video testimonials to boost your branding



People want to know what they're signing up for before they attend an event! Event video is great for many reasons: it lets people know what they can expect, it drives awareness, and also, it reminds those who missed out to attend the next one. 

Not only does a sleek event video increase the chances of attendance at the next event, since it's really shareable on social, it'll also get people talking! 

Encourage attendance with event video!


Video ads on YouTube are a different animal, but we know how to handle them! Ads on YouTube are often a solid part of a company's marketing efforts, so we create videos optimized for bumper ad formats and more, capturing your audience's attention in a short amount of time and with all the creativity and effective messaging your brand needs. 

Boost your product or service with YouTube ads


Marketers have tried just about everything, but the most versatile tool to move prospects through the funnel is the explainer video! Why should someone choose your product or service? 

An explainer video like this one we made for Rydoo can live almost anywhere online! Ready to take your next campaign to the next level?

The most versatile video tool of them all!



How do you capture someone's attention in 3 seconds or less? In our increasingly attention-shrinking world, Marketing teams know that social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others love short and snackable videos! 

In this video, Monica will explain why snack video is the way to go when you need to engage your audience in a powerful way. 

Strengthen social efforts with snack video

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