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The 5 Most Used Video Tools

in HR !

Video Marketing and HR go hand in hand! But what about the most effective video tools that HR Managers use to retain and attract talent? After years of helping HR experts reach their business goals, we know which video products work best and why! 

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Applicants want to get a sense of their future work environment, their team members, and what life in your company could look like. Testimonial videos allow them to do just that! Testimonials work well because it puts your talent and leadership front and center to talk about the company culture and there's no better employer branding promotion than that!

See how our HR team uses video to show the faces behind StoryMe.

Video testimonials to humanize your company



Recruiting top talent means targeting the right talent as they're searching online! Video job ads mean seekers are 80% more likely to apply than with text ads alone. Whether it's on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, using video ads on social platforms increases your chances of finding the right, passionate people looking for their dream job!

For Audi, a video ad proved to be the perfect way to find their new automotive engineers.

Target the right talent with video ads


Video in HR isn't only for recruiting - it's being used internally! 65% of people are visual learners, so creating mini-course videos to onboard and train new (and existing) team members helps HR ensure their new talent learns what they need to know to excel at work. Coaches and managers have saved countless time and money by skipping time-consuming teaching sessions!

Want to educate your viewers using video? Get inspired by our Video Strategy Educator Jordan!

Help train your team most effectively


The classic explainer video gets a lot of mileage across many departments, especially in HR! The reason for that is that there are several policies, guidelines, office ins-and-outs (the list goes on!) to explain to each incoming and existing employee. HR teams are onboarding more clearly and effectively, streamlining their communication efforts all thanks to explainers!

Explainer videos to streamline communication


Did you know: visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. With all the information you need to walk your new hires through - a new office, platform, a new program, setting up accounts - tutorial videos break down each step clearly and visually, increasing the rate of retention and speeding up the on boarding process!

Guide your new hires 

with video


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