How Video Marketing Helps Companies Solve the 4 Biggest HR Challenges.

Optimize your recruitment, onboarding, internal communication & employer branding with Video. 

The ideal way to attract the most promising talent? Video for social platforms. Think about letting your current team speak to prospects, because when people talk about their jobs and passions, it attracts like-minded people to apply. Our latest video recruitment campaign for Audi saw a 210% increase in the amount of applicants.

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Recruit top & motivated talent


From in-depth onboarding processes to welcoming your new colleagues, video is the perfect digital tool to onboard the newest members of your team. This example is an onboarding video we made for Showpad, including a personal message from the CEO, showcasing the mission & values, as well as giving the newbies a nice welcome and inspiring them to dive in! 

Videofy your onboarding


People choose their next working challenges wisely, and video is the perfect way to show off your company culture and translate your core values and DNA. Making your story more tangible with video attracts your target audience to apply. Since video is personal, it’s the perfect way to share your key company values and better convince applicants

Strengthen your Employer Brand


Communication towards your teams is key to strengthen trust in your company. Sending an email often makes it very impersonal, time to put the human back in internal communication! That's where video comes in.
In this example, ING's CEO updates the team through a combination of personal video messages and simple animations. 

Improve Internal Communication


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