How Video Marketing Solves HR's 4 Biggest Challenges!

Streamline internal communication 

Optimize your onboarding process

Recruit motivated talents 

Motivate your team for change and innovation

Our experience working with HR managers and experts has taught us about the power of video and the challenges it can solve in a company. Now's the time to share our tips with you! Scroll on to learn how you can reach your HR goals faster πŸ’₯


With all the moving parts within an organization, it’s important to form strong teams. From in-depth onboarding processes to communicating company changes, video is the perfect digital tool to sync your teams and organizations, communicating important messages, changes, and visions as you grow. We practice what we preach, so we created this video to educate newcomers about our internal working structure. 

Improve internal communication 

& onboarding processes


People choose their next working challenges wisely, and video is the perfect way to show off your company culture and translate your core values and DNA. Making your story more tangible with video attracts your target audience to apply. Ideal to attract young and promising top talent? Video for social platforms. Also, when people talk about their jobs and passions, it attracts like-minded people to apply. Our latest video recruitment campaign for Audi saw a 210% increase in the amount of applicants.

Recruit top & motivated talent


True talent deeply considers their options, looking beyond salary. Since video is personal, it’s the perfect way to share your key company values and better convince applicants. It also takes a lot of work to maintain fulfillment and happiness within your existing teams. So by spreading your message personally and effectively, you can ensure that everyone has the same mindset, directing the company’s momentum towards the future. In this video our mission & values are the center of attention.

Use your mission & values to attract people


We create videos to help drive and motivate change, encouraging the transparency and clarity your company needs to grow! Our live and animated videos naturally streamline your internal communication to promote transparency and to align all your teams internally when you need it most.
This case is a good example of how to get your employees on the same line when explaining a big change in your company. 

Motivating and sparking change


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