Ebook: Video Marketing for HR

It’s exciting to see more and more HR professionals modernizing their approach these days to make Video Marketing work for them. We see video as HR’s up and coming digital asset to improve their results, and we want to help out with a new ebook! 

Download your copy to learn all about the videos and strategies that work best for HR. 💪

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With tons of examples and practical tips, we’re sure this ebook will help you take your HR efforts to the next level. 

Video Marketing for HR

Employer Branding

We'll cover the best video types and strategy to make employees and candidates see your company as a place they would love to work!


See how video can help you attract the right talent faster and make the recruitment process more pleasant for both sides.

Internal communication

Discover why using video to inform and educate your team is the perfect way to get everyone on board and avoid confusion down the line!

Practical advice

This ebook isn't just a list of HR videos - we've included practical advice and tips to help you create the right content, in the right formats and for the right channels. 

Start reading about the latest and greatest in Video Marketing for the HR industry!

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