Free Ebook: Video Marketing for Events

After attending, organizing and creating videos for all kinds of events, we’ve seen first hand how video can optimize event communication. In our latest ebook, we guide you through the use of video before, during and after an event

Video Marketing for Events


We'll cover the best video types and strategy to set the mood, generate awareness and sell those tickets.


Learn how you can keep the buzz going after your event has closed its doors & how you can repurpose content until long after that! 


Your event is a walhalla for video content! Think user generated content, behind the scenes videos, testimonials and more.

Practical advice

This ebook isn't just a list of event video types - we've included practical advice and tips to help you create the right content, in the right formats and for the right channels. 

Start reading about the latest trends in Video Marketing for the Events industry!

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  • Thursday 28th of March
  • From 12:15 - 14:15
  • A 45 minute presentation and 15min Q&A session

Register for an additional webinar about Video marketing for Events to get extra information about the video types and strategies that have proven to work best in our experience.  

Join an educational session amongst marketers and event professionals to learn from each others cases & to get insights and tips from the StoryMe Strategy team. 


  • Thursday 21st of march at the StoryMe HQ in Ghent
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  • Max. 10 participants
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Join the Lunch & Learn session on Video Marketing for Events

  1. Healthy lunch & learn
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