EBOOK: Video for Crisis Communication

We hope this short ebook can help you during this challenging time, with some useful tips to implement in your crisis communication plan.

A crisis rapidly changes how companies operate, which makes clear communication towards your team and your customers more crucial than ever, but that doesn't mean it's easy! In this ebook you'll find a few ways Video might help.

Strengthen your Crisis Communication

External Communication

Your teams need to know how you're responding to this crisis, and video is a great tool to inform & educate, getting everyone on the same page and avoiding confusion.

Internal Communication

Customers and other external partners also expect clear communication from your brand. They want to know what they can expect from your brand and to what extent they can still count on your product or service. 

During a Crisis

This ebook contains advice on video solutions that  could help you out during a crisis, such as Digital Signage,  Explainer Video, and FAQ videos.


It's crucial to think further and incorporate a post-crisis communication strategy in your plan. This ebook also contains some advice on using video to get back on track. 

Tackle your communication challenges

with smart Video Strategy

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In the meantime, here's some other video content we've made to help others during the corona crisis.

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