Behind The Scenes: Knokke-Heist 

A video to spark change and motivation


Knokke-Heist's mayor came to StoryMe with a challenge to convince locals to sign a petition against a test island that would disrupt the environment and affect the socio-economic balance of this coastal city. Watch and see why the city thinks it would be a major mistake to go through with building this test island.

A test island?

The Flemish government calls for a test island just off the coast of Knokke-Heist to protect the coastal city against climate change. 

However, this island would turn this part of the coast into an inland waterway with big ships right in front of the coast and more silt and garbage will wash up on the shore. On top of that, the waves would disappear, making any type of water sports impossible

The mayor of Knokke-Heist states that there are better options to protect the coast from climate change. He would prefer to follow the example of the Netherlands, where extra sand is pumped to the beaches and dunes are broadened to protect the mainland from climate change. This way, nature conservation and tourism can go hand in hand.

Convince city residents to sign a petition 


  • As you'll hear from the Art Director, we didn't want it to become a dramatic and negative video. That's why we went for a poetic and subtle animation video.

  • We included a clear call to action at the end to motivate people.

  • The impact of the island and the need to protect Knokke-Heist is portrayed in a way that appeals to every resident

Sparking change with an inspiring Animated Explainer video 


“It was really cool that we could have the Mayor in our creative brief, because he's also really invested in the power of video.” - Elisabeth Puglia, Art Director

Video Success

The video was shared on Knokke-Heist's Facebook and LinkedIn pages to inform and convince the public. The clear call-to-action at the end of the video ensured a high click-through to the landing page. On Facebook alone, the video got more than 15.000 views and lots of engagement

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