StoryMe's Feedback Video

An internal project to help guide clients towards efficient feedback rounds.


Video production is a complex process, and feedback from the client is super important to ensure a smooth process. At StoryMe, we work with several feedback rounds at given times. Sometimes it can be hard for clients to know which feedback they should give at which time, so we made a "4 Principles of Feedback" Video to send to clients as soon as a project starts.



As our scriptwriter Lauren puts it, sending clients a video that makes everything clear from the get-go works so much better than a document telling them what to do and what not to do. It's a fun and engaging way to get an important message across! 


Rather than giving a whole list of to-do's, this video works with 4 simple steps, giving examples of which feedback you should give and which feedback you shouldn't give at each step. With a strong sound design and two different voice overs, the video makes it very clear to the viewer which examples are great and which are not so great

The StoryMe team also decided to use different styles and techniques in one video to give some extra backbone to the fourth step "Believe in us". This way, clients know that we have the necessary expertise in-house. 

“We wanted to go for a non-classical way of showing things. The sound design really helps in this video: it gives the viewer some breaks and shows what they could do and what they shouldn't do in a different way.”

- Fred, Art Director at StoryMe

“We didn't want to act like teachers and say "do this, don't do that". Instead, I put myself in the clients' shoes and thought about what information they need from us. This way of getting our message across has proved to work really well!”

- Lauren, Scriptwriter at StoryMe

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