6 video types
during and post Corona.

For almost every organization dealing with a pandemic such as coronavirus is uncharted territory. Many of our clients have already reached out for assistance in internal and external strategies to tackle PR and communication challenges during and post-Corona times.

In times of crisis, it's crucial to inform & educate both your team and your customers with internal and external communication! Now is the time to dust off your pre-crisis and post crisis communications plan and start reviewing it. 

Here are 6 ways video can help you to communicate internally and externally with your clients, employees, stakeholders and partners in the most effective way. 

Animation video is a great tool to explain things simply & memorably during or after the coronavirus crisis, such as homeworking rules, health & safety guidelines, tips & tricks or next steps for when you get back to work.

1. Animated Explainer Video

FAQ videos are extremely useful to provide the best possible answers, both for internal communication and external com-munication. Your audience can find their answer quickly, and your team is saving time & effort compared to the usual customer service.

2. FAQ Video

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Video is an easy way to send clear and concise information for internal and external communication. Have an important update to share? A new tool to implement in your processes? A different way of working? Use video rather than text & you'll easily increase recall and engagement.

3. Company Updates Video

Crises are testing times for the whole company, as well as your customers. That's why it’s a great idea to show appreciation to your team for their hard work tackling these extra challenges, and to your customers for their continuous trust & support during and after the Corona crisis

5. Thank You Videos

Ever thought of a how-to video to replace complex guides and long e-mails? Lots of topics can be turned into a simple & effective how-to video: from explaining new processes, to setting up tools, or running efficient meetings, the list is endless! 

4. How-To Videos

It's important to think ahead about the internal and external communication you'll need once things get back on track after the corona crisis. Your team needs to know the next steps & restarting procedures, and your customers will be expecting an update after the crisis. 

6. Back to Business Video

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