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What can you expect from the webinar?

Your Host: Jordan Hagan

Jordan Hagan is an American Video Strategist and manages the StoryMe Video Strategy Education program. She loves helping companies win with video!

45 Minute Webinar ⏰

Learn how to make an lasting impact on your Marketing department with video!

You'll walk away with these great insights:

The webinar content will help you implement video in a smarter way so you can better optimize your video efforts! We'll dive into CMO's biggest pain points and all the ways that video helps tackle them:

You'll walk away with insights on how to:

  1. Gain more website traffic by optimizing your site with video. That includes learning SEO best practices, optimizing your video for social, video placement on your site, smart thumbnails, lead capturing, email marketing, using metrics that matter, A/B testing and more!
  2. Earn more qualified leads by driving your leads through the marketing funnel with video. Understand video content for each stage, linking to your CRM, using gated content and more. 
  3. Use video for increased brand awareness. Learn about the psychology of video, leveraging EGC & UGC, implementing educational content and more!
  4. See more conversions and learn about using video deep in the funnel (Google Analytics, personalized video, decision stage video)